Any design and any finishings are possible. Our available palette is 36 colours.
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  • Consulting

    We are specialists and consultants of a very noble and lasting material: Lava Stone.
  • Manufacturing

    Our team's expertise is devoted to professionals and individuals wanting to carry out glazed lava stone projects.
  • Handling

    We oversee the logistics required for shipment.

  • Glazed Lava stone coffee table

Lava Stone Design’s deep know-how and 10 year expertise in the industry allows us to respond to various projects such as Hotel renovations, Design projects, Bar concepts or Villas’ design.

Glazed lava stone is a great solution to architects as the panel of colours available is almost unlimited. Furthermore, we also have developed various effects and textures allowing our product to be unique.

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The enamel coats that we apply before the last firing greatly optimize the durability as well as the strength of our product.


Our products adapt visually and physically to indoor and outdoor spaces, such as volcanoes, they do not fear any climatic variation.


The crackle effect, almost invisible but so special is an intrinsic quality of glazed lava stone.


The maintenance of our enameled lava stone is very simple, most classic household products are suitable for it.


We know almost no limits in terms of colorama, your wish for a unique shade is achievable without worries.


Our maximum size for a one-piece plan is 260cm x 120cm


Before our first stone firing, we apply a product that strengthens the following points:
High temperature resistant / anti-scratch / shatterproof / waterproof


Fire resistance level our glazed lava stone is classified 0, moreover not using during our production process any chemical element, it is impossible to have toxic smoke.


From our inspirations to our realizations

  • Glazed lava stone countertop
  • Enamelled Lava Stone bench
  • Round sink in raw and enamelled lava stone
  • Sample of enamelled lava stone
  • Outside Brazero Lava Stone Design
  • Glazed Lava Stone table
  • Enamelled Lava Stone dining table
  • Blue Glazed Lava Stone stool
  • Glazed Lava Stone

Wonderfull glazed colours with a true identity

Our palette is 36 colours in plain and transparent and 5 colours effects with intrasic details.


Our Rock DNA "Earth Wind and Fire"

Our lava stone comes from the active stratovolcano Mount Merapi (the Fire Mountain in Indonesian) near Jogjakarta in Indonesia.

Eco-friendly, our raw material is a natural selection made from volcanic eruption.


Our expertise and our human skill made possible the transformation of the raw material, once at the factory.

Our "savoir faire" and enamel are coming straight from France and therefore guarantees a high quality.


A Noble and Lasting Material

Once at the factory, starts the transformation of the raw material into the unique finished product of your wishes.


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